Card Management System

Thales SafeSign Management Server provides banks and government agencies with a fully integrated smartcard management system.

SafeSign Management Server (SSMS) supports full control over the allocation, provisioning, activation and ongoing lifecycle management of smartcards. SSMS supports a range of token and smart card based credentials and importantly provides for a range of provisioning models supporting centralised, distributed, bureau and self service models. SSMS works hand in hand with SafeSign Authentication Server to provide a complete user and transaction authentication solution.

Thales SafeSign Management Server is powered by Intercede's MyID product (OEM).

Corporate Enterprise

SafeSign Management Server identity and credential management system enables organizations to quickly consolidate multiple identity credentials onto a single smartcard. These credentials can be used for multiple applications such as login, converged physical/logical access and digital signature.

Government and Public Sector

SafeSign Management Server is a GSA approved, FIPS 201 compliant, Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card management system that helps US federal Government meet HSPD 12 requirements. PIV-Interoperable (PIV-I) and PIV-Compatible (PIV-C) are also supported.

PIV-I (Interoperable) card issuance requires the same level of trust as a full PIV solution; including sponsorship, registration with fingerprint capture and biometric verification checks carried out before a PIV Card can be is electronically personalised and printed.

PIV-C (Compatible) utilises some of the same interoperable components as a full PIV solution; such as the smartcard common interface, but does not require the same level of trust. In practice this means that the registration and identity verification processes are not required, allowing a much simpler process to be followed.

SafeSign Management Server (256KB)

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