Connect+ model and Connect XC

Thales nShield Connect series, including the Connect+ and new Connect XC models, delivers cryptographic services as a shared network resource for distributed applications and virtual machines, giving organizations a highly secure solution for establishing physical and logical controls for server-based systems. Fully supporting the Thales Security World architecture, the Connect series provides an ideal combination of high assurance and operational ease. This makes it easier for you to define and enforce security policies, such as access control and separation of duties, while also automating burdensome and risk-prone administrative tasks including back-ups and compliance reporting.

The nShield Connect series is fully compatible with the entire nShield HSM family, enabling mixed deployments and easy expansion as performance requirements increase. To meet your needs for versatility, nShield Connect is available in various performance models, including the Connect XC's most accelerated model to date, supporting best-in-class elliptical curve cryptography (ECC) transaction rates. And helping customers protect powerful, mission-critical custom algorithms within the secure boundaries of the HSM, the Connect XC series expands CodeSafe, nShield's unique run-time environment.

The nShield Connect+ is certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and the Connect XC model is FIPS-pending.

When coupled with Echidna Security Platform it enables full featured HSM clustering and load sharing capability across nShield device farms.


  • Support high volume, enterprise transactions with accelerated transaction rates
  • Spacious run-time environment protects powerful custom apps within HSM
  • Flexible architecture simplifies scaling as security needs expand