payShield 9000

payShield 9000 is the world's first HSM specifically designed to secure payment systems that offers dual power supplies, supporting the resiliency needs of high-capacity shared infrastructures in mission-critical security systems within modern data centers.

It also support the growth in global transaction volumes with a range of cryptographic performance options including the highest performance figures in the industry - processing up to 1,500 transactions per second (TPS).
Designed to meet the financial industry's security audit requirements, including FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and the latest PCI HSM standard, payShield 9000 is the ideal choice for card schemes acquirers, processors and issuers for both the issuing and processing of all types of magnetic stripe and chip cards (EMV).

Thales's HSM technology protects ATM, POS, corporate banking, card issuing, funds transfer and share dealing technology worldwide. It has already been adopted by every major card scheme and is currently protecting 70 percent of the world's card transactions.

payShield 9000


  • Integrates with all leading transaction software
  • Comprehensive range of software packages tailored for issuers, processors and acquirers
  • Backwards compatible with HSM 8000
  • Wide range of protocols/connections to connect to all types of host system