SafeSign Cryptographic Modules

Thales WebSentry™ hardware cryptographic modules provide the cryptographic underpinning to Thales’ SafeSign infrastructure.

Broad connectivity and platform options, along with support for industry standard protocols/algorithms, mean WebSentry™ works with a range of security aware systems, including those based on SET™ and SSL.

Beyond e-commerce, it also provides cryptographic functions for symmetric and asymmentric schemes - including key generation, encryption and digital signatures - for a wide range of applications.

Products in the WebSentry™ family are:

  • WebSentry™ PCI card for Windows NT PCs and servers
  • WebSentry™ Ethernet with TCP/IP connectivity
  • WebSentry™ Manager software for installation, commissioning and diagnostics
  • WebSentry™ PKCS#11 programming interface supporting multiple devices
  • Smart card reader with integrated PINPad for secure master key loading
  • SafeSign Cryptographic modules which provide redundancy and specialized services aligned to their use within the SafeSign Authentication
  • Server Environment 
SafeSign Crypto Module (76KB)