WebSentry™ is a flexible and cost-effective HSM for cryptographic device e-commerce security

WebSentry brings the highest level of security and performance to data encryption, payment transactions and digital signatures, as well as providing cryptographic functions for a wide range of PKI applications. It features broad support for industry standard platforms, protocols, and algorithms.
WebSentry comes with the highest level of physical security, too. Any drilling, electrical probing or chemical attacks against it will trigger a critical alarm and instant erasure of secret keys and data.

WebSentry also improves transaction throughput. It removes the overhead of performing complex cryptographic processes from the application server, and its built-in Resource Manager automatically provides efficient load balancing and redundancy between multiple WebSentry devices. For every WebSentry you add, you'll notice a substantial increase in performance.

Thanks to a wide range of development interfaces and broad operating system support, WebSentry integrates easily with server environments to secure a broad range of applications. It can provide flexible and scalable column-level encryption to most database systems.



  • Meets high-performance encryption needs
  • Frees application resources
  • Controls access to critical information
  • Delivers FIPS-validated security
  • Integrates with business applications