Professional Services

e-Security Consulting

Salt Group’s eSecurity Consulting is founded on many years experience in the finance, government and telecommunication sectors, working with organisations on strategy development, planning, design and implementation in the area of electronic service delivery across a range of platforms.

Our expertise in risk assessment and management, and the design of “appropriate” security solutions in the context of the business risk and objectives, sets us apart from others who seek to provide the “ultimate” in security, regardless of the underlying threats and risks.

Salt Group have expertise and experience in the following areas and can typically provide a range of services within each area including consulting, advisory, design and integration support, including project management and business case development and assessment.

  • Electronic Service Delivery
  • Payment systems including credit card, EFTPOS and emerging payment instruments
  • Identity Management
  • Internet and mobile channel user authentication and security
  • Mobile application design and deployment
  • Smart card application design and deployment
  • Threat and Risk Assessment

Our professional interest areas include:

  • Internet banking systems and other critical internet delivered services, addressing the security of these systems and their resilience against an increasing range of attacks
  • Mobile application strategies addressing application deployment and trust within the mobile application environment
  • Identity Management design and implementation in public and private sector, addressing a range of issues including legacy application migration, user onboarding and provisioning, and audit and control mechanisms
  • Authentication Frameworks and their design, particularly within heterogeneous user communities, and more particularly the requirements within the public sector for Business to Government and Individual to Government situations
  • Public Key based security hierarchies, including Australian Government’s Gatekeeper, banking industry’s Identrus™, and issues surrounding implementation and deployment