Professional Services

Mobile Application Development

Salt Group's applications and solutions can support a world where the mobile handset is a portal to a vast range of high value 'immediate' services offered by organisations, and perhaps more importantly, a world where the mobile handset provides a portal to the user through which organisations can instantaneously direct key messages to the user, based on the user’s business with the organisation, interests, current location and other attributes.

We believe that 'purposed' mobile handset based applications, will continue to emerge to support those time critical needs which include identity authentication for other channels, urgent messaging, payments authentication, payment initiation, instruction submission and authorisation, and alert and reminder processing.

Mobile delivery of information and services will continue to emerge in banking, government and other enterprises benefiting from the immediacy of trusted communications.

Underpinning this mobile delivery channel is a need for a secure network and application infrastructure, much as is required today in an internet delivery channel. Salt Group's Mobile Application Infrastructure ensures that the mobile delivery channel is secured through identity authentication and integrity of messaging. 

Salt Secure Mobile Application Infrastructure

Salt Group has developed advanced mobile based infrastructure and applications to support the electronic delivery of services to the consumer market.

The focus of our work to date is in contemporary Java and Xcode based product development with network connectivity based on IP or binary SMS services invoked at the application level. Supporting a broad range of handsets such as: BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, and including all Java-enabled mobile handsets from various manufacturers (Nokia, LG, Samsung etc).

We have a well developed application deployment and activation model which is suited to the high security demands of high assurance transactions as seen in government, banking, airline and broking applications.

Salt Group has developed and supports a range of host side and handset development toolkits that simplify the build and deployment of handset applications and complementary host based applications. As a result we can develop and deploy applications quickly and robustly.

Salt Group’s core business focus of secure applications deployment and activation flows through to our mobile application development program, with sophisticated cryptographic services and management regimes being fully available to application systems.