Professional Services

Smartcards & PKI

Salt Group solution architects have many years experience in the design, development and implementation of PKI and smartcard based security systems designed to meet the needs of online business applications in the areas of identity authentication, transaction integrity and authenticity, transaction and information confidentiality and transaction or instruction repudiability.

Our focus is very much on transactional and application level security and the implementation of controls that are in many senses the final and most important means of protecting the integrity of the online businesses of our customers. Our knowledge and understanding of this area is broad and deep, and gained through working closely with banks, government and telecommunications companies globally over many years.

Areas of particular expertise include:

  • Formalised best practice approaches to the development of high assurance and trusted application environments
  • End to end application security architectures addressing registration and enrolment, access control, permissions management, user and transaction authentication and audit requirements
  • Identity management systems configuration and interfaces to application environments and standards, including SAML
  • Authentication mechanism management and smartcard provisioning schemes
  • System wide threat and risk assessment with focus on electronic channels

Salt Group’s products business provides us with the basic toolkits and armory to implement application level security solutions that are attuned to the risks and impact of penetration of our customers’ application systems. In addition to Salt Group’s own product suite, which focuses on identity and transaction authentication, we have excellent working knowledge of complementary technologies, particularly in the broader identity management area, that enable us to devise, design and develop complete application security solutions for our customers.