Thales SafeSign Authentication Server

SafeSign Authentication Server (SSAS) is a unique identity and transaction authentication infrastructure offering that provides enterprises with the surety of operating a trusted central provisioning and authentication service, whilst also providing the flexibility to adopt one or more of a range of user identity authentication mechanisms aligned to the commercial risks of the various services they offer electronically.

SSAS authentication mechanism support includes smart cards, PKI, Thales Personal Security Modules, Vasco tokens, EMV CAP Authentication, 3D Secure and with Salt's extensions, Salt Mobile Tokens, and SMS authentication.

Competitor solutions typically offer only a single authentication mechanism within their authentication service. Enterprises are then likely faced with the task of implementing multiple authentication services within their online delivery systems to accommodate various application authentication needs; perhaps a PKI solution for corporate banking and a token for consumer banking.

Within a SafeSign environment all of these mechanisms are implemented under a single umbrella thereby reducing operational complexity, improving control and protecting investment as new mechanisms can be deployed under SafeSign as required.

Thales SafeSign supports Radius interfaces and web services and Java interfaces to application systems with operational interfaces to CA SiteMinder and IBM Tivoli Access Manager identity management suites.

SafeSign Authentication Server (240KB)

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