Salt mCodeXpress OTP

Salt mCodeXpress OTP is a handset resident token providing all the features of a specialised OTP security token with the convenience of operation available through the user's mobile handset.

Salt mCodeXpress OTP Mobile Tokens provides a lower total cost of ownership compared with traditional specialised one time password generators or security tokens.

Savings accrue through over the air provisioning, simple replacement of lost or stolen tokens, and through utilising the user's existing mobile phone.

Salt mCodeXpress diagram

Salt mCodeXpress OTP Mobile Tokens are activated over the air, to anywhere in the world, with users up and running in minutes (rather than days as experienced with physical token distribution).

Salt mCodeXpress OTP Mobile Tokens can be deployed on a broad range of mobile handsets and are independent of network technology or service provider.

Salt mCodeXpress Mobile Token is designed as a convenient handset based 'second factor' user authentication mechanism.

mCodeXpress provides a robust cryptographically based, PIN protected and standalone solution for mobile network connection-free operation.

Simplified mCodeXpress Provisioning & Registration for Enterprise Use

Salt mCodeXpress OTP Mobile Tokens support a simple registration and provisioning model through user self service whereby a user who is already authenticated to a LAN accesses LAN based web registration pages which lead the user through:

  • Download of a generic mCodeXpress application to the user's handset
  • Initiation of the application on the handset which requests the user to select a PIN and then generates a 128-bit AES key, and displays a 16-digit alphanumeric 'Registration Code'
  • The user then enters the Registration Code into the self-service User Registration pages of the authentication server

The same procedure can be followed with the final activation of the Salt mCodeXpress token completed by an Administrator after validation (by phone or email with the user) that the deployment is in fact to the identified user's handset.

Application areas

  • Remote Network Access
  • Access to Internet based finance and government services
  • Transaction Approvals

Salt RADIUS+ (472KB)