Salt Mobile SDK

Salt Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed to overlay an additional layer of security on top of existing mobile applications.

Salt Mobile SDK works in conjunction with SafeSign Authentication Server to enable the implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication for Transaction Signing and One-Time Passwords within mobile applications to secure the mobile channel or as a complimentary second factor to the Internet channel.

Features include:

  • Support for both native mobile application and embedded HTML5 implementations
  • Security policy is centrally driven, SafeSign Authentication Server instructs the SDK on the authentication-level required
  • Transaction Signing and One Time Password (OTP) functionality
  • Utilising 'Push' messaging
  • 'Silent' and 'Interactive' modes of operation to support an enhanced user experience

Salt Mobile SDK diagram

Software Development Kit includes:

  • SDK Software - Framework/library of classes and methods
  • API Documentation - Classes and methods that are included in the framework/library
  • Best Practises Guide - Guideline documentation that outlines the recommended approach to securing mobile applications
  • Test Vectors - Comprehensive unit testing data