Salt mSign

Salt mSign Mobile Token provides similar capabilities to mCode but supports advanced authentication flows to achieve higher assurance levels through the concurrent use of the Internet and mobile network channels as core elements of the authentication process.

Implemented via an easily deployed mobile application, mSign provides strong PIN accessed cryptographically based digital signature capabilities without the need for browser plug-ins or connected devices.

Salt mSign diagram

Features include:

  • Digital signing of transactions with configurable “what you see is what you sign” features with planned support for OATH OCRA algorithm
  • Signature Code is generated cryptographically on the handset and is based on what is displayed on the handset
  • Signature code may be returned via the mobile network
  • Supports multiple signatories
  • Integrated off-line mode available when off-network
  • Readily interfaced to IVR or operator channels
  • Re-deployable in the field, anywhere in the world
  • Issuer configurable profiles including PIN length, PIN retry thresholds, signature lengths, language support, branding.

Application areas:

  • Transaction signing; banking, logistics, law enforcement
  • Platform for future mobile payments applications
Salt mSign (481KB)

Technology platform requirements:

  • Handsets supporting Java 2 (MIDP 2.0) or above, or MS Windows Mobile V5 devices, iPhone, Android
  • WAP enabled handset