Secure Remote Network Access

Echidna in conjunction with Salt Mobile authentication tokens provides a convenient out-of-the-box solution for high assurance authentication of remote users connecting to enterprise networks via VPNs, Citrix gateways or other RADIUS aware access points.

Through the use of the shared network structure of the Internet, companies are able to greatly reduce communications costs, whilst enabling an increasingly mobile workforce to stay in constant touch with the home office from anywhere in the world.

With this evolution to a remote workforce, and the opening up of access to enterprise resources, there is an increasing need to more strongly authenticate users than is possible with traditional username|password based authentication methods used within the enterprise's secured internal environment.

The industry response to this requirement is the use of strong "two factor" authentication, where the authentication process is supplemented through the use of a second factor credential such as a security token, or second channel such as a mobile phone, to address the risks of common attacks through malware or man in the middle intercepts.

Echidna for Remote Network Access

Echidna operates as a standalone and scalable out-of-the-box RADIUS compliant server enabling enterprises to leverage their existing directory to secure remote network access using strong two-factor authentication through a range of authentication mechanisms; such as Salt mCodeXpress mobile tokens and OATH HOTP tokens, or SMS OTP (one time password) as the remote user's credential.

Echidna for Remote Network Access

Salt mCodeXpress

Salt mCodeXpress is a mobile security token designed as a convenient handset based "second factor" user authentication mechanism. Enabling users to generate One-Time Passwords and Challenge/Response signatures from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Implemented via an easily deployed mobile application, mCodeXpress provides a robust cryptographically based, PIN protected and standalone solution.


Salt SMS OTP provides a basic two factor authentication scheme suited to entry level applications (or as a way of accommodating older Feature Phones) in an authentication strategy.