Salt Group provides a range of security solutions which enable enterprises to mitigate many of the risks involved in online service delivery through improved transaction and user authentication, improved management of authorisation processes in high assurance workflows, and robust protection of the confidentiality of sensitive information including payments data.

Salt Group solutions utilise Salt Mobile Authentication and Authorisation technologies, integrated Thales e-Security products, and Thales nCipher cryptographic hardware.

Web Access Authentication

A "two factor" authentication (2FA) solution to strengthen the assurance level of user authentication for access to online applications enabling organisations to deliver more sophisticated and complex web-based services to internal and external users.

Out-of-band Authentication

An out-of-band authentication solution utilising a mobile handset based application in conjunction with mobile network messaging to provide a convenient, high assurance solution that addresses all of the critical requirements of contemporary electronic out-of band authentication of high value transactions or instructions.

Remote Authorisation

A Remote Authorisation solution to enable the secure delivery and actioning of time critical authorisation requests, anywhere and at any time, via a mobile handset based application in conjunction with mobile network messaging.

PCI Compliant nCipher

A proactive and effective solution to help achieve compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard; utilising Thales nCipher cryptographic modules and the programmable capability of the hardware to protect sensitive data elements.

Card Management System

A smartcard management system (CMS) with a fully integrated credential management facility supporting full control over the allocation, provisioning, activation and ongoing lifecycle management of authentication credentials. Supporting a range of smartcard and token based credentials and centralised, distributed, bureau and self service provisioning models.

Secure Remote Network Access

A convenient out-of-the-box second factor (2FA) solution for high assurance authentication of remote users connecting to enterprise networks via VPNs, Citrix gateways or other RADIUS aware access points.